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Oxior civil enterprise is a construction company specializing in civil, electrical, and building, automation and technology construction sectors, dedicated to providing the industry's most skilled craftsmanship, impeccable performance, and competitive pricing to our clients across the nation.

Oxior Civil Enterprises has developed and integrated for streamlining workflow and seamless delivery of projects and maintenance to its clients. We are currently present in seven of the nine provinces in the country, i.e. Gauteng

We currently specialise in the following electrical projects:

  • Substations construction, upgrades and refurbishment
  • Live line Projects: 11-33KV
  • Electrification Projects
  • Minor and Major line construction 11 to 132KV

The company concentrates on civil engineering projects and associated works, and has successfully completed a number of civil contracts in South Africa. Industries in which the company operates include oil, gas and petrochemical, water and wastewater, storm water and fire protection systems.

Each industry has unique requirements, which Oxior Civil Enterprises has been able to meet with ease.

Oxior Civils has extensive experience in all forms of roads and earthworks including construction, upgrading, and rehabilitation and resurfacing. The company operates an extensive fleet of modern earthworks plant and equipment including excavatorsdozers, graders, loaders, compaction equipment, trucks, crushers and asphalt and surfacing machinery.

The fleet is well maintained, and the company retains a core of skilled individuals with solid experience in the road construction sector.

New builds, alterations, renovations, extensions or refurbishments, we do it all. By assessing the individual needs and requirements of each client, we are able to offer complete residential building solutions.

This includes the coordination of all project aspects from supervising the construction, managing trade workers and negotiating vendor and supplier discounts to overseeing material and product selection and deliveries, conducting daily inspections and managing financial budgets.

In addition to managing each project, we provide guidance and assistance in making key decisions by providing creative solutions, new products and access to vendor discounts and preferred suppliers.

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Core Business Activities

Our scope of service provision has expanded tremendously over the past few years. This is mainly due to our strategy to invest on quality, safety, and sound as well as proven ethics through.

The company is a 100% black youth owned company, founded by Mr. Mazwi Sydney Mafuma.